Travel and first day in the Big Mango

After a 3am start and a nightmare journey to Manchester airport with the M6 junction 20a onto the M6 closed I eventually got  on my China Southern flight to Amsterdam. At Schipol I was upgraded to premium economy with  loads of legroom for the eleven hour flight to Guangzhou. Another two and a half hour flight to Bangkok and I was in south east asia. 

I was completely shattered as it was a day flight and I couldn't manage to sleep. Taxi from airport was 350 baht plus 75 baht highway tolls. Checked onto Samsen Sam place. It was 12:00 when I arrived and I decided it best to stay awake until the evening to ease the jetlag.  


I consumed a few large Beer Leo and people watched and relaxed. At about 18:00 I found a little Thai restaurant called Jen  noodle and had a very tasty fried duck with crispy holy basil, chilli and onions. 

I was in bed with the AC on full blast at 19:30