After twelve hours sleep and a leisurely breakfast the minivan picked me up and it's off to the low cost carrier airport Don Muang for the 12:20 one hour Nok Air flight to Nong Khai in Issaan in the North East of the kingdom. 


Nong Khai is a sleepy town on the edge of the Mekong with views across to Laos. 

The bus dropped me off at Mother and it's a five minute walk along the cycle path on the edge of the river to The Rim Guesthouse  

My room overlooks the Mekong and the old gent who owns it is very kind and chatty  


A few beers on the afternoon and a noodle soup. Tommorow I will hire a bike but today is all about relaxing and acclimatisation. 

Today is Loy Krathong, a Buddhist festival when Krathongs are lit and floated down the river. Here the main floating spot is a Wat near my guesthouse.  


Once the festivities have finished I walk back into town to Mackys on the riverside and eat Moo Pad Krapow and a few more beers. 

A very relaxing day.