Walked home last night through the middle of a drugs bust in the house next door to my guesthouse. The boys in brown had five kids on the floor with guns trained on them. Yaba, a type of methamphetamine apparently. Exciting times in Nong Khai

Guesthouse owner gave me a lift to the Friendship Bridge on his motorbike which was very kind. 

Got stamped out of Thailand and took the 15 baht bus across to the Laos side. 

Three windows 1, 2 and 3. Collect immigration forms by knocking on window 2. Fill forms in and hand in with passport and 35USD at window 1. Collect passport with Laos visa at window 3. Laos logic!  

Took a 250 baht tuk tuk to Vientiane Star Hotel. About 20 kilometres.  

Arrived at about 09:45 too early to check in. 


Decided to go for a wander along the Mekong. Went to Ban Vilaylac for lunch. The spicy Lao sausage was great. 

In the evening I went to Bor Pen Nyang a great rooftop bar for a couple of G&T's. It's got a great view over the night market and the Mekong river. 


Eat pork and ginger stir fry at a no name restaurant on Quay Pha Ngum and finished off with a couple of Lao black rice beer at Chokdee cafe chatting to a couple from Chiang Mai over for a visa run